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Welcome To AniDNG

Current executives and staff members of ANYDNG have various experiences for over 15 years in design/construction of duty-free shops in domestic (Lotte, Shilla, Korea Tourism Organization) and overseas (Lotte Singapore, Jakarta, Guam) as well as the experiences related to the design/construction of foreign brands’ standing point at duty-free shops and department stores.

In particular, we are well aware that the construction of foreign brand involves more detailed manual interpretation, compared with general store construction, and close cooperation with MD, like department stores/duty-free shops, after foreign designers’ meticulous checking of the results, and until now we always receive satisfactory evaluation for the projects we’ve promoted from concerned clients. Our company prides ourselves as a company who has management system that can set up to short construction period, various site conditions, skilled cooperative companies and foreign designers. We know that, because of recent global economic recession, brand-name market is rapidly being changed and the sales scale of domestic brand-name companies as well.

What We Do

General Mall & Duty Free Store Design

AniDNG is specialized at global project management with systematic design process

Retail Brand Store Design

Provide the total design solution based on local and global project research
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We promise to give you help so that your company, who has a world-class brand, can get business profitsand cost reduction, through our long experience and specialized fast response.

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